City Lights Orchestra

a visual symphony for city windows

Antoine Schmitt

  Next event:

January 29
th 2017 at 5:30PM
at the Tours Labourdette
  in Marseille (FR)

Activate your windows and come have a drink at the bottom of the buildings !

and at the same time
at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
in Berlin (DE)

Participate to the City Lights Orchestra ! Connect to the page, put your browser full screen, turn your lights off, turn your screensaver off. Then either turn your device's screen towards the wall opposite the window or the ceiling, either shine the light directly onto a white curtain, or even white paper attached to the window. Play around to get the best results !

Then go out in the streets and enjoy ! Your home or office window has become a giant pixel playing its own score of the symphony, along with all the other City Lights Orchestra players !

When in the street, point your smartphone to the page and pulse in rhythm with the visual symphony.

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